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Altering Slides

Hi everyone! I wanted to pop in to share with you some more altered vintage slides. Over the weekend, I shared some of the inspiration team projects along with some altered slides I created for my Field Notes Passport card. Well I took it a step further and I wanted to share them with you.

I started out with these vintage slides that I picked up at an estate sale. They were plain white and was not too excited when I opened up the box and took them out of the carousel. When you are at an estate sale, you grab first and check out your goods later.

But then I had the idea to cover them and create my own designs. From there, they sky was the limit.

It was pure joy creating these fun little slides to showcase my paper dolls from Tim Holtz' Idea-ology collection. The small botanical ephemera packs also worked great along with the chit chat stickers for added words.

Here is a closer look and one of my favorites. I created a video tutorial on how to create these yourself. All you need are the white slides and you can find them in my shop.

Thanks for stopping by!

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1 Comment

May 10, 2020

Fantastic ideas! I had never thought of using the 1,000's of slides I have. A case full of my own & 3 cases, taken by my late father; from the 60's onwards, incl. many family shots! Thank you for the inspiration......⚘

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