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Valentine Inspiration

Hello friends! I am back with some more Valentine inspiration. Today I am sharing two more projects from my design team. Tracie shows us how she created 4 similar cards using the sweetheart pocket kit along with a few add ons from some of the other kits in the shop.

She was also able to transform the red endearment labels to a black background and use them on her cards. Be sure to check out her process video over on her YouTube channel where she shares her designs.

Jeanie created a Valentine Pocket letter project and boy did it come out beautiful! She used the Ma Cherie set along with the literature love quotes to complete her project. Check out her process video for detailed instructions.

I will be back tomorrow to share two more beautiful projects.

Happy Crafting!

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1 commentaire

Membre inconnu
12 févr. 2021

WOW!! Your pocket letter is so beautiful, I love the images❤️❤️ and the quotes😃. Thanks for sharing🙏🏻

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