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Yes i still create Valentines!

Hi friends! I am popping in today to share with you some of my Valentine makes. While i don't give out Valentines any more, i still like to create for the holidays. For some reason, i love creating "smalls" or mini Valentines. Perhaps it is because the remind me so much of the Valentines i gave out when i was young.

These were created using washi tape, small ephemera and remnant rubs. All these items were the perfect size to make my small cards.

I even created some matching envelopes for these little ATC cards.

While i had everything out, i decided to decorate some vintage slides and view master reels as well.

These are great starters or perfect to give out as little gifts as well. I put together a few kits for those of you that want to try your hand at some of these. I also have some of the finished items in the shop for you less adventurous crafters. Be sure to check out my process video over on my Youtube Channel as well for more inspiration.

Happy Crafting!

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