Fortune/Drink Cards with Fortune or Drinks - set of 5

Fortune/Drink Cards with Fortune or Drinks - set of 5


Fortune Cards - Set of 5

You will get one card of each shown in the first photo

Vintage 2 1/4" wide cards with pull strips. The front either tells you your fortune or a tidbit of wisdom about you or a drink recipe.

You pulled back the tab and depending on how many stars were under there you won something. 
These are unused stock that were made for napkin machines that sat on a table usually in a bar. 
You put a penny or nickel in and got your fortune or a drink recipe and a chance to win a discount or a drink depending on what the house paid. 


These are from around the 1950s and are in excellent unused condition. 
The idea for the bar was that if someone got a card with a drink recipe on it, they might order the drink and the bar would make more money.

 If they got three stars, maybe they won a 5¢ discount on a drink, so they might order and the bar would again make more money.
 Plus the bar got a penny or nickel when someone put their money in the machine. 


1 set = 5 Cards.

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