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IMAGE1. The Section, Specificity, and Selectivity of Transplantable Retrovirus-Based Vector Systems in Mammalian Brain. The aligment of the different genera of the family Retroviridae to the nucleus of the cell in which they are being expressed, making them a very adequate tool for the study of neuronal function, is explained in the following section. Retroviridae are a family of icosahedral viruses containing a single copy of their single-stranded RNA genome. The genome contains two or more genes, the gag genes encoding structural components of the virus, and the pol genes encoding the protease and the reverse transcriptase, which are necessary for the conversion of the viral genomic RNA to double-stranded DNA that can be integrated into the host cell genome (1, 2). Among the retroviruses, the mammalian gammaretroviruses, are defined as genera with a gag-pol gene arrangement, or the 4. On the basis of the genome organization and the single-stranded genome, retroviruses can be classified into two groups: simple retroviruses (SRVs) and complex retroviruses (CRVs). The former have one genomic RNA molecule that is compacted in a single nucleocapsid. CRVs have two genomic RNAs, each encapsulated in its own nucleocapsid. The nucleocapsid of the simple retroviruses consists of the capsid, a central core of protein that constitutes the genome, and a matrix, which is involved in the maturation and packaging of the virion. This type of virus is transmitted by the injection of an infected semen, and it is one of the few viruses that can integrate in the host germ line. This fact has permitted the identification of endogenous retrovirus elements in the germ line of primates (3). The first retrovirus to be identified was the Mo-MuLV, which was first isolated in 1968 from the cell-free supernatant of murine-derived L-cells (4). In the late 70s, several retroviruses were isolated from ecotropic-NIH cells (NIH-3T3) infected by viruses isolated from chickens. These viruses were named avian leukosis viruses (ALV) because they induced lymphoid tumors in chickens and caused several cases of myeloid leukaemia in these birds (5). The first retrovirus to be associated




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