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1893 Chicago World Fair

Happy Friday Friends, Hope everyone had a wonderful week!

The World's Columbian Exposition (the official shortened name for the World's Fair: Columbian Exposition, also known as the Chicago World's Fair) was a world's fair held in Chicago in 1893 to celebrate the 400th anniversary of Christopher Columbus' arrival in the New World in 1492. I found a Souvenir booklet of this fair. It is a wonderful little brochure with all the details of the fair. It provides information on Chicago, local hotels and exhibits at the fair. It is a wonderful piece of history.

If you are a backstage pass holder, this is available to download for free as part of your VIP Pass. If you do not hold a Backstage pass, you can also find this image in the Digi Dollar section of the shop.

If you would like more information about the benefits of the backstage Pass, be sure to check out the membership section.

I also have a new kit in the shop called Fall Plaid. This kit has 4 Fall color designer sheets, flash cards and some fun Fall images to create with.

I created some fun Fall Cards using this kit. You can find the tutorial over on my YoutTube channel. Don't forget to join me on Sunday at 2:00 Phoenix time where I will be live creating Christmas Cards and chatting with you all. Hope to see you there.

I hope you have a wonderful crafty weekend.

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