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1950 Business Women

Hello everyone and Happy Friday! A while back I was fortunate enough to get my hands on a 1950 McCall's Pattern Catalog. It was dusty in the back of an antique shop. The wonderful graphics on the cover caught my eye, and when I pulled it out, I was immediately sold.

The graphics I create for my shop come from various places. This catalog will keep me busy creating digital images for a while. It has several occasion sections, just like you would find in today's pattern catalogs, but the patterns of course are from the 1950's.

I have cleaned up this page from the catalog and created 3 PNG files of these lovely ladies to use in your projects. They can easily be resized to meet your needs and are now available in the shop.

I also created a set of tags to get you started! I hope you enjoy these lovely ladies!

Happy Crafting!

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