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Backstage Pass

Hello everyone and Happy Sunday! Today I am excited to introduce to you a new option added to the shop called Backstage Pass.

Backstage Pass is a 3 month membership subscription which give you full access to all digital items in the shop. Yes I said All. Upon purchase of your subscription, you will receive a unique coupon code within 24 hours, which will enable you to download any digital product in the shop.

This is a new concept and I will be testing this new shop option over the next few months. As a VIP member, you will not only have access to everything currently in the digital section of the shop, but also to all new digital images and printables that are added to the shop during your subscription period.

To get your Backstage Pass, click on the Membership button at the top of the website which will give you the option to purchase a 3 month subscription. I wanted to get this launched before the holidays, but hope to expanding plan options to annual subscriptions as well as adding additional perks to my VIP members.

I hope you are as excited as I am about this new shop option and I hope to see you Back Stage.

Happy Crafting!

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