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Changes to the Website

Hello everyone and Happy Wednesday! Well we are halfway through the week, but it has been a busy week for me.

Some of you may have noticed some changes to the Website, so I thought I would give you a tour. A Membership tab has been added which is a new subscription option in the shop. The Backstage Pass tab has all the information on the new Backstage Pass subscription. You can click on the Membership tab become a VIP member and gain all the privileges associated with the Backstage pass.

All new digital products will be added to either the theme bundle tab or images tab which will allow easy download for backstage pass holders. There will be no code required. All you need to do is click download and the file will be downloaded to your device.

I have also decided that I will preview all completed future kits in the "COMING SOON" Section. This will give you a preview of what kits will be coming as well as the release months. Backstage Pass holders will get early access to the kits in the Membership tab as one of their VIP Perks.

As I continue to load the past kits to the Membership Section, VIP holders will use a personal assigned Coupon code to download images/kits through the shop. Once everything has been transferred to the Membership Page, the coupon code will no longer be necessary. I also hope to add additional Subscription plans as well in the future. Like most changes, this will take time, so I appreciate your patience as I continue to update the website for the 2022 changes.

Happy Crafting!

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