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CMSS Schedule - 4 Days of Fun!

The schedule for the Card Maker Success Summit is posted. Check out the schedule and determine what events you want to attend.

If you have the VIP All Access Pass, just know that you have immediate access to all of the pre-recorded presentations inside your VIP All-Access Pass right now.

If you do not have the VIP All-Access Pass, I would recommend taking a look over the schedule and determining which presentations you really don't want to miss and mark your calendar and set a reminder to go off.

If you want to grab the VIP All-Access Pass, then grab it before July 27th cuz the price will go up to $99! If this is not in your budget, you can still get the FREE PASS.

Most speakers will be available live in chat with the presentation is released and some of them will be in the facebook group to do a facebook live.

All of the sponsor livestreams will be available on youtube or inside the facebook group.

Can't wait to see what you are going to create! Please make sure to post pictures in the group if you can!

Click here for the Card Maker Success Summit July 2022 Schedule of events!

I hope to see you there!

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