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Planner inspiration

Hello my crafty friends!

Do you love planners? Well, I have a fun project to share with you created by Debbie, one of my design team members. Debbie transformed this fun Love Potions background into a cover for her February Planner. What a wonderful idea!.

Check out her process video over on her YouTube channel to see how she did this.

Those love potions are so versatile, Shraddha created some fun cards utilizing the Love Potions as well as the Sweetheart Pocket set. Kits are great as you can get so many different designs. Check out her YouTube video for more details.

Finally, I have a project from Komal where she created some beautiful cards using the Twelve month Calendar set.

Who says love can only be shared in the month of February. Using the calendar set, you can share your love all year round! Be sure to check out Komal's video over on her channel.

I hope that you have enjoyed my team's projects and they have inspired you to create! Don't forget all digitals in the shop are 14% off until February 14th.

Happy Crafting!

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2 commentaires

Membre inconnu
12 févr. 2021

Your planner is so cute, love the images you used❤️ Thanks for sharing🙏🏻


Hazel Shastri
Hazel Shastri
11 févr. 2021

All are amazing, thanks for sharing.

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