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Sweetheart Pocket Journal and a Freebie

Hi friends! Earlier in the month we did the official launch of the new kit Soda Fountain Shoppe and also released a bundle kit that included some additional elements for you journal makers. This kit would certainly would work for some of your Valentine projects, but I wanted to also get you out a Valentine kit along with a Freebie that would work with your Valentine projects.

Endearments is now available in the shop and can be downloaded for free using coupon code Freebie. This digital is also part of the newest kit just released called Sweetheart Pocket Journal.

One of my goals this year is to create more "journal" type kits since I personally want to increase my skill set in creating journals. If this is also a goal for you, I hope you follow me on my journey. I have just released my first YouTube video for beginner journal makers, part 1. In this video using the Sweetheart Pocket Journal kit.

I also have several journals available in the shop, including this one. So if you are looking for a nice gift for Valentine's Day, be sure to check them out as well.

This bundle has several of my digital images I have as singles, all in one kit. The bundle is a great way to stock up on some of your Valentine digital images. You can still get them separately as well,

I hope to be sharing some more Valentine inspiration over the next few weeks as well. Don't forget to also check out my Valentine play list over on my YouTube channel for some prior year inspirations.

Happy Crafting!

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1 commentaire

Chelle Wilson
Chelle Wilson
15 janv. 2020

Awesome looking kit! Thank you for the freebie! 😊

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