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Beacon 3-in-1 Craft Glue 4-Ounce

Beacon 3-in-1 Craft Glue 4-Ounce


about this item


  • Fast drying capabilities, ideal for crafting enthusiasts and hobbyist projects.
  • Wide range of applications ‚ from wood, floral and cork to glitter, trim, ceramics, fabrics, beads, and more! Truly, a multipurpose adhesive you can rely on.
  • Dries crystal clear, instantly grabs, dries fast, and is acid free and lignin free. It doesn't wrinkle paper, is water proof, and has a no-run formula, ensuring a clean and neat application.
  • Has a fast dry time of 1 hour and cures completely within 24 hours, providing efficiency and saving valuable crafting time.
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